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Podcast Discovery Call

You have an idea for a podcast, but have no idea how to get started. Book a 15 minute Podcast Discovery Call with Jennifer Navarrete to clarify your idea and see a clear path to podcasting!

Web3 Discovery Call

It's hard enough to keep up with all the latest social media changes let alone try to figure out if Web3 is something you should pay attention to for the content you create. Is it a passing fad or something you should invest some time into?

Speak with Jennifer Navarrete to see if adding the blockchain as another destination for your content makes sense for you.

Networking Call

Let's get to know one another with a quick 15 minute call.

Launch Your Dental Podcast Discovery Call

A discovery call for dentists who are ready to work with a podcast producer to go from idea to launch and beyond.

Client Creativity Call

Sometimes ideas and inspiration strike outside of our scheduled sessions. When the muse visits we must take the time to work within that creative spark. So, if you're looking for a meeting time outside our scheduled sessions, feel free to book a bonus day and time.

Zoom Sizzle Reel

There is a powerful piece of digital real estate sitting unused in Zoom that most business professionals are neglecting. But not you! You know that in the age of social media, focused attention is hard to come by. You know that sharing your mission and message with your right fit client is a strategic advantage.

Which means you are ready to bring your Zoom waiting room to life!

Enter the Zoom Sizzle Reel.

Work with Jennifer Navarrete to create a 3-5 minute video promo to highlight your work, client testimonials, upcoming events, contact info, and more.You'll stand apart and get Zoom attendees talking about you!

Watch Zoom Sizzle Reel Demo:

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Navarrete is a podcast and virtual event producer who has been creating content and guiding her clients and communities in the online media and social media space since 2005.

“Jennifer Navarrete helped me get started with my own podcasts on Blog Talk Radio. 7 years later and over 265 podcasts produced resulted in a global audience, a brand, credibility as an expert and work. Thank you Jennifer Navarrete for being my cheerleader, supporter and teacher. And, getting me way out of my comfort zone. as well as one-on-one training.” — Patricia Porter, Texas Conflict Coach

Virtual Events
“I would highly recommend Jennifer Navarrete as a virtual event producer.

Jennifer worked with me as producer for a new initiative - a #WomenToFollow Summit - with 10 speakers and three panels. We went from idea to a two-hour virtual event in only five weeks. Jennifer helped me build something that received rave reviews from speakers, more than 100 registered attendees, and dozens of viewers on social media.

In messages and social media posts, guests and attendees praised the content and professional look and feel of the experience. “Do NOT miss this–absolutely incredible energy…It is one of those events that makes you drop everything and lean in,” commented one viewer, a teacher, on Twitter.

I have known Jennifer for more than two years through social media and several group collaborations.

When I looked for an event producer for the Summit, I turned to Jennifer for her creativity, organizational skills, attention to detail, and integrity. She is fun to work with and proved to be flexible, which is essential when planning a live event. She is also savvy about marketing, content creation, and social media which have been a great asset to my brand and business.

Jennifer helped implement systems and processes to communicate with speakers smartly and efficiently, working with me to create a memorable and popular event.” — Rose Horowitz, Pulitzer-Nominated Journalist

Social Media & Video
“Jennifer has turned my law practice around and given me hope that I can still earn a living as a 40 year practicing attorney in a small town. I now recognize that the marketing world has changed and that I need to change with it. Jennifer has helped me develop a marketing strategy with a new website, a social media presence in several places,and even a YouTube channel where I now have over 100 subscribers. Old dogs can learn new tricks and Jennifer has been very professional and patient guiding this one! I am enormously grateful.” — Robert Caprera, Caprera Law Office

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