Wenda Benavidez

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Getting Started with ClickUp

In this meeting I will help you get set up with ClickUp. It's my favorite Project management tool, but it's a bit hard to learn if you're just starting out. I don't have a team so I won't be of much help with setting up your ClickUp for teams, but I do think I have an awesome system for planning my goals, my weeks and days, my home & family life, and my social content calendar! I'll show you how to use all the features and keep it simple and easy to use!

Digital Planning

Are you thinking of going digital, but have no clue where to start? Let's work together and get you started with digital planning! We will go over apps, accessories, how to use all the tools, stickers, images, fonts, and more!

InDesign Secrets

Do you want help with creating printable or digital planners? I can share with you all of my secrets I use to easily create planners. We will talk about where I get my graphics, master pages, dating and more!