Khushbu Vyas

Book a session with me:

15 Minute Consultation

This complimentary 1:1 session is designed for us to explore your needs and goals and to discover what modalities are most aligned for you and your healing journey (Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Healing, Soundbaths, EFT/Tapping, Mindset work, etc).

1:1 Yoga Nidra Session (Virtual)

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. It is a deeply restorative and healing practice. In this session, we will go over your intentions for this practice and weave them into the yoga nidra so you receive the most benefits from your session.

Custom 1:1 Session (Virtual)

This is a custom session based on our discussion during the consultation call. Please make sure to book the consultation call first so we can discuss what you are looking for and what would best serve you in your healing journey. The session may include different modalities such as meditation, yoga nidra, chakra healing, soundbath, breathwork, EFT/Tapping, mindset work, reiki/energy work.