AJ Batac

Hello! I'm a wedding photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I love being in the presence of love ❤️, and I live to capture 📸 authentic love stories. I‘m here to help you relive the emotions of your special day 💕 Send me a message at ajbatac@gmail.com or book a meeting with me below...

15 Minute Meeting (Photography)

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30 Minute Meeting (Photography)

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Web Development (Consulting)

30-minute video session to provide web development advice tailored to you.

Potential topics of discussion:

General career guidance

General web development guidance

Interview preparation for a web development job

Questions to existing or planning for web development project

To date, I have helped over 30 people land a job becoming web development professional by providing a referral and helping them prepare for interviews or be successful in their career.

To date, I have helped over 100 companies achieve and successfully launch their web platform by providing actionable and invaluable information.

Learn Photography (Consulting)

30-minute session to provide photography advice, learning opportunity, and consultation.

Potential areas of discussion:

- How to photograph families

- How to photograph weddings

- How to photograph portraits

- How to photograph events

To date, I have helped more than 100 people improve their photography skills over the last 10 years.

AI ART Generation (Consulting)

30-minute video session to provide how to leverage AI to create your own art.

Takeaways from this session (Pick one during the session):

I. Introduction to AI Art Generation:

Overview of AI art and its historyExplanation of different techniques used in AI art generation
II. Neural Style Transfer:

Understanding the concept of neural style transferImplementing neural style transfer using deep learning librariesExperimenting with different styles and images to generate unique AI art pieces
III. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs):

Understanding the theory behind GANs and how they generate imagesBuilding and training a simple GAN to generate AI artExperimenting with different architectures and hyperparameters to produce different results
IV. Using AI to Enhance Traditional Art Forms:

Overview of using AI to enhance traditional art forms such as painting, drawing, and photographyExamples of AI-powered tools for artists and their use casesHands-on practice using AI tools to enhance traditional art forms
V. Ethical Considerations and Future of AI Art:

Discussion of ethical considerations in AI art, such as authenticity, ownership, and responsibilityOverview of current trends and future possibilities in AI art generationConsideration of the impact AI art may have on the art industry and society as a whole

Understanding of different AI techniques for art generationHands-on experience in creating AI art piecesAwareness of ethical considerations in AI artInsight into the current state and future possibilities of AI art generation

To date, I have helped over 30 people be successful in their AI generation.

Engagement/Save-The-Date Photography

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Wedding Photography

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