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Photography Consultation

We'll discuss clothing tips, location options for your session that fits your style, and the time that would be best lighting for that location. But hey, it's Chicago, so we'll have to adapt at whatever mother nature throws our way! I'll also make some suggestions for getting in the right mindset to start the session so that when we meet up, it'll feel more natural.

Golden Hour Photography Session

The hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise are the prime desired times of day to capture that perfect soft light to for stunning rich photos. 

Midday Photography Session

Daytime photography sessions between the hours of 10am and 4pm, when the light comes from overhead, can create harsh and unflattering shadows on our faces where we don’t wait to see them - we also have a tendency to squint when the sun is out in full force. So basically the light gets worse as you approach noon from either direction of sunrise or sunset.

I often get requests to shoot mid-day, and while I absolutely want to be flexible, Mother Nature is unfortunately set in her ways. Sure, we can shoot midday, but please know there is a tradeoff with the quality of light. We may get lucky and have clouds roll in, but if we have cloudless skies, we will have to seek out shade, and it will affect the quality of light in your images. I would love to say “Sure! We can shoot whenever you want”, but in order to create the images I’m known for, you have to understand that light plays a very large factor.