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Start-up member Consultation (20 Min)

Hey there!

Grab your coffee and let's get chatting. We are here with the answers!

Don't have time for a scheduled video call? No problem, send us a text or voice text through WhatsApp at 305-440-7952 and Flor or a member of the team will send a reply back at the earliest convenience (usually within 24hrs).

Note: this scheduler is only for active Start-up consultation members. Non-members will need to book a paid consultation.

Aplicacion de ITIN

Detalles del proceso del ITIN:

1. Se demora de 6-7 meses para ser aprobado por el IRS

2. Los documentos que necesitamos para la aplicacion son los siguiente (favor enviarlos por email a hola@flordinescu.com):
  • Un scan a color del pasaporte del aplicante. El pasaporte debe de estar al dia. (Debe de ser un scan o una foto que se vea como un scan tomada desde arriba sin angulos y con claridad que se pueda leer toda la informacion sin problema). 
  • La direccion donde desea recibir su ITIN
  • Enviarnos una foto de la planillas 1099 y/o w2 o cualquier otra planilla que muestre ingresos recibido en los estados unidos. Si no tiene planilla no es problema, solo me debe dejar de saber la cantidad que desea reportar como ingreso. 

3. El costo del servico es $250 (incluye la primera declaracion de impuesto y la aplicacion del ITIN)

Ya despues de procesar el pago y elegir un dia para que charlemos del proceso y contestar cualquier pregunta que tenga, no se olvide de enviarnos los documentos necesario por email a hola@flordinescu.com.

Si no necesita que hagamos una video llamada, favor elegir un dia del calendario de todos modo y elejir la opcion que dice que no necesita la video llamada.

EL ITIN le llegara por correo postal a su direccion en alreadedor de 6-7 meses de sometido.

Tax Prep Virtual Meeting

A video call meeting to get all your tax info necessary to complete your tax return.

If you prefer a call with no video, there will be a phone number on your confirmation you can call at the time of the meeting.

If you can not find a time that works for you, please email us a list of your available day and time at hello@flordinescu.com (English) or hola@flordinescu.com (Español) to see if we can accommodate you.

Registration of a FL LLC (30 min)

This is the first step to getting started with your FL LLC registration.

Florida LLC registration is $600. Which includes:

  • Check name availability with the state. LLC name must be unique.
  • State fee
  • Create and submit the LLC's Article of organizations required in order to get the LLC approved.
  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number for the LLC once approved. You will need this in order to open a business bank account and file taxes.
  • Create an operating agreement for the LLC.
  • Two 1:1 phone/video consultations. One prior to filing and One after the LLC is approved to answer any questions you may have and advise you on how to move forward with your business and its compliance.
  • Email reminders of Annual report due dates. 


  • Free reclasification of the LLC to an S-Corp for tax purposes to ensure you pay less in taxes. (This reclass will only be done if necessary for those that file their taxes with us) ($250 value)
  • Free registered agent for the first year. A registered agent is someone whom you designate to receive official papers for your business ($150 value)

The state of Florida takes around 4 business days to approve an LLC.

The full payment of the service is due at the time of booking.

Consulta (30 Min)

Nuestro servicio de consulta es para ti si...

  • Está buscando consultoría para pequeñas empresas en la etapa inicial de su negocio.

  • Tiene preguntas específicas sobre sus finanzas independientes y/o comerciales.

  • Necesita ayuda para tomar las mejores decisiones para sus necesidades contables y fiscales.

  • Recibió una carta del IRS y necesita ayuda para entender la carta o saber cuál es el siguiente paso.

  • Necesita trabajar en un acuerdo de pago con el IRS.

  • Cualquier otra pregunta que pueda tener sobre cómo administrar su negocio y su cumplimiento.

NOTA: Si es un miembro de contabilidad mensual con todo incluido, utilice el enlace único que recibió al registrarse para reservar su consulta de forma gratuita.

Consultation (60 Min)

Your questions answered!

Our consultation service is for you if...
  • You are looking for small business consulting in the early stage of your business.
  • You have specific questions about your freelance and/or business finances.
  • You need help making the best decisions for your accounting and tax needs.
  • You received an IRS letter and need help to understand the letter or knowing the next step.
  • Need to work on a payment arrangement with the IRS.
  • Any other questions you may have on how to run your business and its compliance.

NOTE: If you are a monthly all-inclusive accounting member, please use the unique link you received at sign-up to book your consult for free.

Offer In Compromise


All meetings will be via video call.

This meeting typically lasts 1-2.5 hours, so please schedule to be available and with no interruptions for at least 2.5 hours.

At the meeting, you will meet with Flor to review all your past documentation and fill out some important forms necessary to complete the process.

The cost of the service is $4,000 (not including any government fees or any additional tax returns preparation fees). Any additional service needed will be charged in a separate engagement.

The speed of the service depends on your compliance with getting us all the documents and information we need to complete and the IRS readiness.

We do not control the result of the IRS nor their efficiency and speediness.

You must read the link (provided on our webpage) to the IRS process for the "offer in compromise" before you book the meeting, so you understand what results you can expect from this application.

Payment is as follows:

$2,000 to get started due at the time of booking

$500 every fifteen (15) days until service is paid in full.

You can pay with a credit card, Zelle transfer, or debit.

And yes! the cost of the service will be deductable from your tax return.🎉

If, for any reason, you change your mind before we start, you will be refunded the amount paid minus any credit card processing fee. (the process is considered started once we complete our first meeting with you).

If you change your mind after we have started but have not submitted the offer in compromise, you will be refunded half (1/2) of what was paid (minus any credit card processing fee- credit card processing fee is 3.7%).

Once the offer in compromise is mailed to the IRS, NO refund will be provided.

If you fail to pay any part of the service as scheduled, you will encounter a $150 late fee, and the process will be paused until payment is received. After 30 days late, your account will be sent to collection, and our engagement will be considered null with no refund.