Digital Marketing Services

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Free Website Consultation

You are booking a 15 minute consultation to review your website needs. We can review your existing website, or discuss the needs of a new website. All calls are confidential and your are under no obligation to purchase anything or hire our services.

Commitment-Free Marketing Consultation

Let's discuss your business needs. Tell me what you need to accomplish, and I'll tell you the fastest, easiest way to get there. You'll leave this meting knowing whether you and I are a good fit for each-other. Although I can't guarantee I can help you, this consultation will reveal which strategies may work best for your company, if any. No cost. No obligation. No strings attached. All I ask is that you are serious about hiring a marketing firm that delivers results and are the person capable of making that decision.

Inner Circle One on One

You are about to invest in 30 minutes of marketing consultation for your business. Whether you want business guidance, an ad review, brainstorming ideas, or simply run a strategy by me, I'll be able to use my 24+ years of experience to help you through it. Book your time now while there are still available slots. This option is for Inner Circle members only. If you're not a member yet, please join.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Want your PPC ads set up, or reviewed? How about your Facebook and Instagram campaigns? Would you like to brainstorm on ideas that will increase leads, sales and revenue? You are about to purchase 30 minutes of time with Edison Guzman to review any Digital Marketing related ad campaigns, or simply create a strategy around the product or service you want to promote. Book your Zoom call and let's get you the maximum ROI for all your marketing efforts.

30 Minute Virtual Meeting

You are scheduling a virtual meeting via Zoom, up to 30 Minutes with Edison Guzman.

Website Design 60 Minutes

60 minutes of website design or website updates. Use this time to have us install a Wordpress site, add or switch up images, add/switch video, add/switch audio, update text, add to navigation, or update plugins. If you don't currently have a website and would like us to help you choose and register a domain name, we will help with this and choosing the right hosting account for your organization. You tell us what you need, and we'll get it done for you, live via Zoom.

Tools Set Up

Need help setting up Aweber, Constant Contact, a hosting account at, or a Zaxxa account for your ecommerce and affiliate program? Invest up to 60 minutes, and I'll set you up with any of these services. I'll also explain how to use them for best ROI and embed within your website is necessary.