Elevature is a workflow automation firm that implement automated software solutions to free-up-time, streamline processes and enable scalable growth.

30 Minute Introduction Meeting

Book a meeting with me for 30 minutes!

60-Minute Meeting

Book a meeting with me for 60 minutes!

Phase 2 Presentation

Before deployment we will present a final scope of work, deliverables, action plan and suggested software solutions required to complete the build. This is an important step for transparency and ensure all relevant stakeholders are on the same page.

Phase 3 Training Workshop

Upon completion, administrator and select end-user training will be conducted with relevant staff members. Our primary objective is to ensure your staff are well-informed, confident and have the necessary tools required to help them in the transition into the new process.

Phase 1 Workshop

In this phase, we will work with you and your team to reveal and understand how the business currently operates. Assess functional and non-functional requirements, business objectives, a review of how technology is currently adopted, and business processes.