Fresh Docs Inc Consultations

Fresh Docs Inc have been serving new and existing business owners for almost 25 years. In order to better serve your business needs, schedule a time to discuss your business with the business doctor.

15 Minute Intro/Follow-up

Book a meeting with me for 15 minutes! Its FREE

Value Strategy Session

People have been asking for this so we finally made it available to you. We get people reaching out wanting to, "Pick Our Brain", about a business idea and what to do to make it happen. What you are really asking for is a "Value Strategy Session". This is a scheduled time for you to share your business ideas and get feedback. You can ask questions and get information from the Doc yourself. Schedule Today!

Business Development Education Interview

Doc wants to make sure we personally meet each person that will be registering for Acid Reflux: The Work Online Live Course. This course space is limited and we want to make sure that we are a right fit for you and your business needs. This Appointment is free.

Corp Start / Funding

This session is for Business Set-up and Funding Consultation. The $100 booking fee is non-refundable and applied to your cost to start the business set-up process. Business set-up fees depend on the state that you live in and the number of business owners included in the filing. All fees include the filing fee for that state. I will include a free autographed copy of the Acid Reflux Book

Business Strategy Session

Time is money and I definitely do not want to waste your TIME or MONEY. You are booking because you want results and a business strategy consultation. Our time together is very valuable so we will jump right in to make sure you are establishing a business model that works for you and maybe your business partners. This $250 session is Non-refundable. Book a meeting with me for 60 minutes! I will include a free autographed copy of the Acid Reflux Book.

Business Asset Development Consultation

This session is for business owners that make at least $10K or more a month or have the earning potential to do so in a very short time. We need to get you on track with the Asset Development Team. We will provide personal introductions to the personal team that Dr. Tori uses to create and sustain financial stability and growth. If your ready for millions in assets development...schedule your appointment today. The fee in the amount of $1,200.00 is non-refundable and not applicable to the services the team charges. You are paying for strategy and access. Lets go!

Business Capacity Assessment

The Business Capacity Assessment is a session that will help you identify your capacity to become a success business owner. Some are motivated by the thought of success and what business ownership is. However, after thousands of dollars spent and thousands of hours lost the new or existing entrepreneur is not quite sure why their business is failing. You may find that you need an assessment to put you back on track with the right business mindset because of the assessment tools Dr. Tori Brown uses to help push you into a mental state for business success. This non-refundable $450 appointment includes two sessions. The first session is an hour and the next session is thirty minutes. This session includes an assessment test, a copy of a professional development book, and a free autographed copy Acid Reflux.