Tammie T. Polk

Girl, Go Eat A COOKE!...and then handle business! Listen, I get that you're going through a knockdown right now, but part of giving yourself the grace to get through it is to ASK FOR HELP...and help is here! I would love the opportunity to partner with you to overcome your area of knockdown and move forward. You are NOT meant to be lifeless and visionless...it's time to do something about that! Choose a session below and I'll be waiting for you!

Girl, Go Eat A Cookie Chat

Not ready to dive into a full consultation yet? Need to vent for a second? Want to know more about GGEAC or have a question? Start here!

5Gs Chat

Need longer than 15 minutes, but still testing the waters? On this call, I will share the 5Gs with you to see what it is that you may need to work on -- Grace, Grit, Growth, Gratitude, Graduation Day.

Let's Handle Business!

You've vented... We've had the 5Gs Chat... Now, you're ready to move forward and get to Graduation Day!

COOKIE Principles Call

You've heard (or read) the COOKIE Principles and need support in implementing them.

That's why this call exists!

During this call, we will walk through all 6 principles, stopping where YOU need to and work through the issues that are keeping you from counting that one as DONE!

This call comes with a PDF copy of the book, COOKIE Principles, which you will receive once payment is received and it will serve as a springboard to helping us maximize the time on our call.

It's time to achieve your goals unapologetically on purpose with a smile on your face and a COOKIE in each hand!