Karen Lynn Robinson - Trauma Recovery Expert

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15 Minute Meeting Consultation

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30 Minute Coaching Session

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The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast welcomes guest onto our show who are trauma recovery survivors or serve survivors in some capacity. Our show supports, inspires, and instills hope in survivors across the globe. Please include or email your headshot and bio. We can be reached at: healthrivedream@gmail.com.

Open Phones Day

I'll have 30 minute slots open throughout the day for you to pop in for a coffee/tea chat. We can use that time for anything you'd like. You can:

- ask a mental health question

- pick my brain about parenting and other relationships

- get feedback on a specific problem

- just chat and get to know one another better.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

60 Minute Coaching Session

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VIP Day - Uplevel Your Mental Health

VIP day is 5 hours and starts with a very thorough 1.5 hour assessment, 3 hours of teaching/coaching/training and .5 hour of specific recovery plan filled with action items.