Hilary Go, Clinical Herbalist & NC (Nutrition Consultant)

WORK WITH ME: I specialize in herbal and nutritional support for the gut, nervous system, and hormonal & adrenal balance. Although I am clinically trained to work with the entire body and happy to support anyone who wants integrative herbal and/or nutritional guidance. I also support people who are looking to optimize their overall health preventatively (For instance: optimize immunity, respiratory/lung health or improve skin vitality). If you don't find a time that works for you, please email me directly with your top 3 time slots at hilary@eating-flowers.com

1 Hour Virtual Initial Wellness Consultation

This virtual wellness consultation involves a one-hour private zoom meeting with me, where we will discuss your health concerns, current diet and review any herbs or supplements you're taking. You'll have a chance to tell your story and receive a friendly ear. Together, we'll come up with an approachable plan forward. You'll walk away with a wellness review and detailed herbal, dietary and lifestyle suggestions customized to your needs and preferences! - Hilary

1-Hour Follow Up Appointment (For existing clients)

I always recommend at least one follow-up appointment 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation for continued care, protocol adjustments and to answer your questions. I'm here to support you throughout your healing journey! - Hilary