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Market Research

15 mins market research questions for introvert Instagram marketing.

Marketing Audits

Get a second pair of eyes to define the bottlenecks in your marketing and how to uplevel to increase conversions. 1 hour clarity session, Email campaign, Social media audit (Instagram and Facebook), Contents plan, Bonus: Metrics tracker and Turnaround time 1 week

Introvert Marketing Plan

Having a solid strategy to know exactly what to do, when and why so they can make the best out of social media and not feeling burned out. Includes: Done-For-You, Platform to use, Outreach strategy, Collaboration Strategies and bonus Marketing Calendar

Client Call

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Instagram for introvert course

Sell with confidence by setting up a business account and using a solid content strategy that eliminates the guesswork and attracts your ideal clients. How to set up your Instagram account confidently, Learn the holy grail of Instagram for introverts - the do's and don'ts Learn how to transform your introverted super powers into content that engages and sells Content strategy. 1 hour session - includes a question and answer where you can ask questions about the course How to get the most out of Instagram features (bio, highlights etc) so you can get the most out of Instagram as an Introvert.

6 Weeks Introvert Marketing (Coaching)

Craft a marketing strategy that they can rinse and repeat, so that you can show up on in a way that you’re comfortable as you and not feeling so extroverted. Learn how to Find your niche, Define your idea of Clans, Creating a marketing plan, Strategizing a solid content, Lead generation framework, Conduct market research in a strategic and non pushy way, 4 Rockstar support sessions + 1 content strategy session, Resources, assignment and templates