Jennifer Campbell

Let's connect. Pick the time that works best for you.

15 Minute - Quick Course Question

Have a quick question about a course? Book a 15 minute meeting to connect. Looking forward to it.

Two Minutes of Talking Change - Podcast Recording (15 mins)

You're an amazing leader and others will benefit from your great experience. Share your top tip - in only two (2) minutes - to help leaders start to build their leadership legacy in a new role.

In this 15 minute meeting we will record your two minutes of wisdom over Zoom. First I will give a quick intro - which usually goes something like this:

"Today's topic is.... My special guest today is >>>> (with a very short bio)". Then it's over to you.

I'll upload the audio to my podcast platform and schedule the release date - and voila - your wisdom will be ready for all to hear!

Connecting Live Call with Jen Campbell

Let's connect live to learn a bit more than our LinkedIn profiles can say about each other.

I've talked to loads of leaders recently who've taken on new roles to learn about what they are excited about and their biggest fears and challenges - even as already successful leaders. 

Happy to listen, make introductions, share resources, all to help each other achieve our goals. In general, just be confident and awesome leaders.


Game Changer Call - 30 mins with Jen

Join me for 30 minutes to ask questions and find out more about how I can help you lead change through my coaching, courses, and book - Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders. Looking forward to it!

45 Minutes with Jen Campbell

Do we need longer than 30 minutes to discuss ideas, create solutions, work on a project, or dive into a great catch up meeting? Then book this timeslot! Looking forward to connecting.