Jesus Paluzo

Release & Grow 🧑

Alternative therapy focused on developing emotional intelligence and creating balance in your life.


I will help you understand your emotions, manage them and feel WAY better.

Are you ready to live a fuller life?

Through sessions with me, you will:

Find your own Way
Self-Love + Self-confidence
Develop social skills
Reach harmony
Have stronger Relationships

We will work through the main areas of your life by understanding them and defining your own balance for each one.

Remember: You're great the way you are if what you do makes you really happy.

If you're open minded and want to make the most out of you, let's work together!

With love & respect, Jesus Paluzo

Emotional support + E.I.🧑πŸ’ͺ

Emotions are the most natural thing we all have. Expressing them and feeling understood is essential.

Every session is a Free + Safe space to express anything.
I will give you my 100% of presence, knowledge and experience.

Balance is key for a great emotional management.

I will mentor you to get the mindset & tools to bring emotional wealth to your life. All sessions are based on 3 main pillars:

βœ”οΈ Free-expression
βœ”οΈ Awareness
βœ”οΈ Emotional intelligence (E.I.)

I am here to guide you to live a fuller life!

60 minutes

E.I. & Support - 90min πŸ€—

All sessions are based on 3 main pillars:

🧑 Expressing

Free-expression is the key of our time together. Also being natural.
I will always receive your emotions with love and empathy.

🀎 Awareness

We will explore your deepest feelings by asking questions and guiding you
through the process of self-awareness.
This is crucial to make decisions or to develop a new mindset.

🀍  Emotional intelligence (E.I.)

Every session we will explore different mindsets & tools to create balance in your life, considering always these 4 pillars:

Presence Motivation Acceptance

I will mentor you to build the basement that allows you to enjoy everything that’s coming in your life.

I am here to guide you to live a fuller life!

90 minutes

E.I. & Support - 90min🀍 + Enriching text ✍️

Session: E.I. & Support - 90min
Thoughtful text to enrich your life ☺️

Most of people find it very helpful, even though the Session itself have a huge impact on how you feel and manage this moment of your life.

I will write a short & powerful report setting down the main insights that I consider essential for your life, so you will have a guide to lean on.

I am here to guide you to live a fuller life!

90 minutes