Connect with Pastor Josh

Josh McGary has been a Pastor of Aletheia Bible Fellowship since 2004. He is the Senior Pastor of the church and focuses on training, counseling, education and developing new resources. He is ready to offer guidance, insight, prayer and support to anyone willing to receive honest direction from the Bible. He is a husband to Mashayla and father to Sophia, Joseph and Olivia. Please reach out through one of the links below if you'd like to schedule an appointment to meet with him in person or over video chat.

15 Minute Video Counseling Check-In

Just need a quick video check-in? Let's do it.

50 Minute Biblical Counseling (in person or over video chat)

Schedule a 50 minute session to discuss methods of biblical problem solving. Available in person or over Video Chat. The first 4 sessions are free. More details will be given during the first session.

50 Minute Theology Video Chat

Get your theology questions answered! Let's chat about God.