Karan Nijhawan

Book a call with me:

15-Min Catch Up

This call is designed to maximize our time together. Let's come to the session ready to rock as we only have 15-minutes.

Client Coaching Call

This is for current clients.

Profit Enhancement Strategy Call (minimum $5K in your pocket)

Stuck on a problem? Need coaching or strategy? This call is for you and is designed to show you how to make extra profit (min $5K) in the next 30-60 days. You'll leave with crystal clarity on the next steps in your business. Call will range from 8 minutes - 60 minutes depending on your requirement.

The $100K Strategy Game Plan

Looking to have to your first 6-figure year? Let's spend a half-day together (virtually) and mastermind on your business. What we'll cover: creating efficient service offers, enhancing your pricing model, strategizing systems, client avatar, delegation opportunities, writing masterful proposals, and an organic lead generation plan. If you want to book this call, but aren't ready, see my other offers available. This call will range from 2-4 hours as required.