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Free 20 Minute Coaching Call

Book a free 20 minute coaching session with me!

You're making this call because you feel stuck with

- a challenging career situation that you want to resolve
- a job application or resume issue
- want to get promoted

Whatever your

Career Coaching Discovery Call

This 60-minute no obligation meeting is for you to chat about your current situation and where you think you want to be.

It is always helpful to think through:

- where you are now
- why you want to move on
- where you would like to be

Use these little prompts to help you begin to prepare for our conversation.

I very much look forward to chatting with you.

Podcast Pre-Recording Meeting

Hello and welcome,

This meeting is for our pre-recorded podcast. Here we can discuss your story, work out the structure and highlight the valuable points.

Looking forward to chatting


Podcast Live Recording


Thank you for sharing your story.

We are now ready to record your story on the podcast Teachers At A Crossroads.

There will be time to chat we start recording. We can use this time to review your story and add or remove anything you've reconsidered.

Please try to wear a headset as this cancels any (or most) external noise and helps with the overall editing process.

Looking forward to chatting.