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Get Your Documents Signed and Notarized Online | Quick, Convenient & Secure

Trying to find a notary public when you need one can be frustrating and time-consuming. We make it easy to get your documents signed and notarized. Simply book a 15-minute appointment and you'll be connected with a professional notary who can quickly step you through the process. It's safe, convenient and secure. Call or text +1 (859) 212-6021 if you have any questions or need further information.

One Signer, One Document: $25
Note: Real Estate Transactions (Fee Available Upon Request)

Valid Photo ID or Passport
Email Account
Desktop or Laptop (preferred)
Reliable Internet Connection (download 5 Mbps/upload 3 Mbps)

How Online Notarization Works:
* Schedule your appointment.
* Forward file(s) to notary using encrypted email. (
* Check for two emails: one confirming the appointment with payment link and the other providing a link to the online signing session.
* Pay fee using secure link in email.
* At the time of appointment, click on the link to the session.
* Upload a valid photo ID and answer 4 out of 5 knowledge-based authentication questions based on your credit history (credit must not be frozen).
* After identification is verified, webcams and mic/speakers will connect and document(s) can be signed and notarized.
* The completed document is sent to your email as a PDF attachment.

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