Kimberly Samson

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Midlife Mogul: 30 Minutes Complimentary

Let's chat about your existing business or business idea and how to make you a Midlife Mogul! Please answer the question prompts after you pick your time. If you're not far enough along to have answers for everything, don't sweat it. You can leave them blank and we'll just chat "big thoughts".

Standalone Coaching Session

Book a coaching session with me for 60 minutes! Any challenge you are facing in Midlife is fair game for discussion and advice. Looking for a package of sessions? Email me first at

The Midlife Podcast Interview

Let's share your story with my audience! Please don't book this without prior approval.

Midlife Mogul Client Meeting

This booking is for current approved Midlife Mogul clients only. You know who you arešŸ˜‰. If you are not yet a client, and are a current or aspiring business owner, consider booking the Midlife Mogul: 30 Minute Complimentary.

Midlife Reā€¢Imagined: Coached By Kimberly

Work directly with Kimberly to complete her program Midlife Reā€¢Imagined, Design Your Next Best Chapter. Before you book, please have confirmation that you have purchased this program. It's best if you book all 7 sessions up front and no more than 14 days apart between sessions.

Tech Audit + Recommendations

Your email list lives with one provider. Your landing pages another. You built a funnel over here but your online course lives somewhere else. You manage multiple calendars. Your leads get deposited in another software altogether. They're supposed to talk to each other, but there are glaring holes in the ecosystem. Your CRM sits unused. Follow up, what's that? Or did you just say, "my C-R-what??" You're tired of patching it together. And let's face it, your business is worthy of more than duct tape and spitballs. Oh, and don't go add up how much it's all costing you. You'll feel queasy. If you're looking for a unified system that will integrate your customer's journey from lead to purchase to delivery, I can help. I know most of the options out there, what works best, and for whom. I can send you in the right direction or even develop a package to help you migrate from other systems and consolidate.