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30 min. YouTube channel audit

Feeling stuck on YouTube? Need an expert opinion? We'll breakdown every aspect of your profile and give you an in-depth report. It'll address where you seem to be struggling and highlight where you're winning and it'll give you an overview of what steps you can take to improve. We'll touch on your profile pic, banner, thumbnails, descriptions, tags and more... Book a meeting with Luz & Mel to go over your future plans and goals for your channel.

Social Media Audit and Strategy Plan

This service is for Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. This is for you if: You feel overwhelmed at the thought of posting on Social Media You feel clueless about the type of content you should be posting for your audience You feel stuck and confused You have a hard time posting consistently You want your feed to look professional You're struggling to find your audience online You're seeing 0 growth As an entrepreneur/content creator, I understand how time-consuming and difficult it is to keep up with the everyday changes that come with Social Media and I'm here to help you reach your goals. I want each of my clients to know that I'm giving them and their projects my full attention. I share the exact strategies that I have used to build a successful social media presence. I will create a content strategy for your business or brand, audit your social media presence and make sure that you are implementing all of the latest growth strategies and methods. We will go over what you're struggling with and what steps you will need to take. I will create: A custom Social Media Strategy A custom Action plan with a checklist A monetizing strategy for your social media 30 days worth of content ideas calendar In-depth hashtag and content research SEO keywords (if needed) In this 1 hour call, we want to not only add value to you or your brand but want to provide you actionable steps to take in order to achieve your goals.

One Hour 1 on 1 YouTube Coaching

In this one-on-one, we'll break down what your vision is for your channel and the steps you can take to achieve success. Also, we'll come up with a niche-specific content strategy that you can put in place in order to grow your channel. Together we will set a plan in motion that will help you get a headstart on your YouTube journey.

Professionally set up your kids youtube channel

Who is this for? Parents looking to start a YouTube channel for their kids that don't know where to start. We will set up your channel and create high-quality logo and banner images to match your vision for your kid's channel. Our services: Kids Channel creation and setup Logo design Banner design Watermark design SEO and Keyword research Competitor research link social media accounts Integrate Google Adsense