Marina English Teacher

Who Teaches You?

Marina is a teacher with 30 years of experience teaching business English & 15 yrs teaching online, with a university diploma of an English language teacher, with Cambridge ESOL certificates BEC Higher, Vantage, Preliminary, Cambridge ESOL certificates CPE, CAE as well as IELTS certificate. As for online teaching credentials, she has LANCELOT - Online teaching Certificate, IH COLT - Online Teaching Certificate, and Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom Certificate, to mention just a few.

Most importantly, her students enjoy learning English with her for years, and successfully pass Cambridge ESOL exams.

English Lessons based on your Horoscope

Booking a 60 min lesson based on your Natal chart. You can either book a lesson or a whole 10 lesson package, based on the Functional Phrases Curriculum. Feel free to send me a message on info at for more details.

Business English Online Lessons

Booking a 60 min lesson based on specific topics you need for work. In my thirty years of experience, I've been helping my students achieve fluency in the following fields:

1. Quality Control / Quality Assurance
2. Politics
3. Mathematics
4. Medicine
5. Sales
6. Marketing
7. Finances
8. Economics
9. HR
10. Data Analytics
11. Engineering
12. IT etc.

General English Lessons Online

Booking a 60 min lesson based on my curriculum from A1 to C1 level, based on CEFR and developed in the course of 10 years, specifically for online lessons.