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Angel Oracle Reading

Ask the angels and they will answer place your intentions of your question and be ready for their answer...πŸ’™ Place your intention on your question and you will receive your intuitive answers from the Angels within 24-48 hrs! Book today!

5 day Self Care Healing Challenge 🌟

πŸ‘‰5-day Self Care healing challenge take the challenge with me to take 5 min of your day for 5 days and see your great healing results! The number 5 stands for change and for 5 brings in the results of 5+5=10= 1 new beginnings an completion! Go to my website and sign up today! 4/10/23Monday! TrueLoveMetaphysical.com

Free Consultation

Thank You for choosing True Love Metaphysical & Wellness for your spiritual and wellness needs. This consultation consists of a 15 min chat or phone call to help you decide what service is a best fit for you. So book your consultation today! Confirmation email/ text will be sent.

15 Minute Meeting

Book a meeting with me for 15 minutes!

Tarot Reading/ One Question

Need a quick answer or clarity about one question?... your moment awaits...Book your reading will respond via email with a picture of the 4 card spread with descriptive details will respond within 24hrs or less.

The Tarocle Master Class

What is Tarocle? It is tarot and oracle combined to help assist one to read energies and to help one learn to listen and use your intuition with confidence. It also assists one to make better decisions in their lives.

Awareness + Intuition = Confidence Which leads to making the best decisions in your life. Sounds Interesting and fun right?! So signup today!

πŸ˜‡Angel Numbers Course 101πŸ˜‡

Greetings and welcome to our free Angel Numbers Course masterclass where we learn how to decipher the messages of the Angels! So get your pen and pad ready to learn the angelic communication around you and have your answers clear! Many blissings πŸ˜‡πŸ’–πŸ˜‡

Chakra Readings

Want to know what comes up in your energy field and how to align your chakras then look no further MystikAngel will pull Chakra cards and suggested tolls to assist you!...book your reading and lets get aligned!β€πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ‘‘will send a link to email within 24-48hrs

Clarity w/Mystikangel319

An intuitive thorough reading of the Greer tarot will assist you in making the best decisions you may inquire about when in doubt. There will be clarifying for each card in detail. Have questions or doubts about a situation? Book your reading today! A link will be sent to the email used when booked in 24-48hrs.

Spirit Oracle Reading

Intuitive reading that is in depth messages from spirit ancestors angels...etc you may also ask direct questions will respond within 24-48 hours will send a zoom link to email listed in booking.

Life Path Readings

This Reading is unique and very detailed with the use of your astrology natal chart and going deep into your placements finding out your soul mission! There will also be oracle cards pulled to give a summary to help you on your life path!! Once booked you will receive confirmation and zoom link within 24-48hrs. When booking please leave your date of birth and time of birth if you know it, if not no worries. Find out what the stars have in store for you Book today!!

Moon Readings

The phases of the moon whether its waxing or waning may tell you which direction you need to go...Mother Luna will assist to your call...book your reading and see she what she says...a link will be sent via email within 24-48hrs.

❀️ Love Readings ❀️

Have questions about your relationships or partnerships?? Or a new person you like or interested in? Well this reading is just for you! Yes/no 3 card pull will give you the clarity you need to move forward! Book yours today! Offer is good thru the month of February!

30 Minute Meeting

Book a meeting with me for 30 minutes!

60 Minute Meeting

Book a meeting with me for 60 minutes!

Creative Healing Course

Free Fun Meet up on this time to use your energy in a very uplifting high vibrational way!! Anyone in local are of San Diego and surrounding areas and virtual on Zoom at The Little Red Tent of LOve and Lets Heal together in Praise and Dance to our Ancestors Remember Who WE Truly Are!!

Crochet loc box braids and twists style

$100 each style: Crochet locs, box braids, and twists style includes braiding original hair and styling with crochet loc or braiding hair. Must bring own hair to be styled. Hair must be pre washed and dry. Takes 1-2hours $50 deposit required upfront. Then pay $50 after service rendered. We take PayPal Cashapp and Venmo and cash accepted! No call No Shows $50 deposit non refundable. Will email/text location. Thank you! Book yours today! And Thank you for choosing TLMW/Glo's Crochet Accessories for your needs!πŸ€—