Prof Patrick McGhee, FRSA, MA (Glas) D Phil (Oxon), PgDip (Btn) BABCP

Book a one-off therapy session or supervision with me

Supervision - Short (30 mins)

Book a one-off 30-minute Supervision to review selected issues regarding a client case or related matters.

Client Session (Short - 30 mins)

Book a one-off 30-minute CBT Session with Prof McGhee.

Book your initial CBT Session with Prof McGhee

Book a one-off 50-minute CBT Session with Prof McGhee.

The session will
Review your current challenges
Provide feedback on your online assessment
Identify options for treatment
Advise you on the CBT method
Give you immediate practical techniques to make immediate progress

Supervision - Full (60 Mins)

Book a 60-minute supervision session with Professor McGhee.
You will be asked to complete a brief agenda sheet to help you get the most out of the session.

CBT Therapist MOT

Book in for a supportive annual check up and review of therapy skills, client and case management, CPD plan, private practice management and professional forward planning. Prior to the online Zoom session you will be asked to complete some online questionnaires. After the session you will be given your own personal checklist to apply the discussions to your professional practice. An unique opportunity to take stock of your professional development and ambitions.

Book One Solution-Focused Therapy Session

Book a one-off 60-minute Solution Focused Therapy session with Prof McGhee.

Solution-Focused Therapy  is a special form of mental wellbeing treatment which focuses on one specific issue in a single session. It is not suitable for the treatment of long-term psychological conditions, but can be useful for anyone who has a specific challenge they want to address.

It is also sometimes referred to as Single Session Therapy (SST) as it focuses on finding practical solutions to immediate problems in 1 single session with a therapist.

The overall process is:
1 You make a booking
2 You will be asked to complete a questionnaire so we can understand you situation and problem better
3 You have 60-minute session by Zoom with Prof McGhee
4 You leave the session with a clear action plan
5 You put the action plan in motion
6 About 1 month later you will be asked to let us know how you have got on

Optionally you can book in additional sessions, but the idea is for you to have a clear single focus on one issue based on one session your therapist.

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