Ralu Petrea

UX Designer | Creating digital products and easy workflows to make everyday work a joy.

Let's Talk about Digital Planning (15 min | FREE)

Book a meeting with me for a speedy 15 minutes of casual talk!

We'll go through your questions about digital planning and how I could support you and your team with custom digital planning template.

Best for anyone interested to start with digital planning on the iPad.

Or, for clients to ask me a quick question.

Client Support - Digital Planning (60-min | $97)

Book a 60 minutes work session with me.

We'll go through your struggles, and technical and non-technical bits about digital planners.

Or, we'll outline the frame of a tailor made planner for you (or your team).

Best for you small businesses, CEOs, managers and creatives who are already using digital planners on the iPad.