Sarah Dixon

Book a call with me:

Discovery Call

Book your no-obligation discovery call on Zoom, to explore how I can support you.

90 min Catalyst Session

This is your catalyst session, where we will dig into your unique situation, start to uncover some of the challenges you face, and establish a framework for change.


What we cover in our sessions is entirely bespoke. I am here to create the space where together we generate the insights you need to foster deeper resilience and grow your capacity for the change you want to make.

It may be that just one session is enough for you to come to a place of resolution, or it maybe that some further work is useful. If that is the case we will put together a bespoke package to get you to where you want to be.

60 Minute Meeting

Book a 60 minute coaching or consulting session. We will give focus to your issue and generate solutions that are immediately actionable and manageable within your capacity and circumstances.