Book a time to discuss your for Website Design, SEO or Website Maintenance

Web Design, SEO or Website Maintenance Consultation

Free initial project consultation call. We will review your main objective and determine the next steps.

Website Walkthrough

30 minutes walkthrough/user acceptance testing of your new web design project (existing clients only)

Design Strategy Session

Initial discovery & consultation session where we will map out the specific scope of your project. The purpose of this discovery is to ensure that together we have outlined the goals and objectives of your project, and have a clear understanding of the features, expectations, and desires you may have with regard to your website.

At the end of this session, you will have a clear set of requirements and a project plan that belongs to you. We can execute the plan for you or you may elect to hire someone else to do it, or you may find that it is not a worthwhile investment to make at this time.

If you choose to have us execute the project for you, this discovery consultation fee will be applied to the balance of the project.

Professional Services Consultation

60 minutes professional services consultation. If you are currently enrolled in one of our maintenance plans, please use the MP Consult Calendar link.

MP Consult

For existing clients only on an active maintenance plan. Your invoice will reflect the professional service rate based on your existing maintenance plan. Non-retainer clients will be invoiced in fractional hours up to 60 minutes.

Retainer clients will have the time deducted from the available bucket of hours up to 60 minutes.