Kathy Trinh

Hi, my name is Kathy Trinh. I'm thrilled to offer my clients my advanced, licensed skincare services! 

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FREE Consultation and Skin Analysis - 30 Minutes

(Required for All New Clients) 
Products Sold Separately

This is our in-depth consultation where we will discuss how acne develops and why. You will also learn about the acne–clearing program and why it works differently from anything you've tried in the past.

Skin Essence Fast Results From Peel - 30 Minutes

Texture refinement doesn't have to take a lot of time, and an express exfoliation may be the exact service you need to get ready for a last-minute special event.

Just Peel to Go - 30 Minutes

We know that some of you would love to spend a couple of hours with us but can't commit right now. You don't have to give up your professional treatment entirely. Please drop by for a quick cleanse, Jet Peel, and moisturizing SPF; you're back at it. No beats skipped.

Omega Dual PRO LED Therapy - 30 or 15 Minutes

The panel is groundbreaking light therapy that transforms skin. Widely used in the medical community, this highly respected clinical genius is a game changer. 30 minutes of phototherapy added to your treatment destroys acne bacteria, calms inflammation, helps smooth texture, and stimulates elastin and collagen production.


Face Reality™ Acne Treatment Package - 60 Minutes

Acne is a painful genetic condition that affects millions of Americans, young and old. Acne can scar both skin and self-esteem, but the certified acne experts at Skin Essence can help you strengthen the health of your skin and finally banish acne breakouts.

Acne treatment is a multi-layered approach that requires complete understanding and cooperation between the treatment provider and the client. Acne is highly treatable outside a physician's office, but
facials with extractions or products alone will not solve your problem and will not clear an acne condition.

Customized Skin Essence Classic Facial - 90 Minutes

This treatment includes a comprehensive and personalized skin analysis – every product and modality choice is made according to our findings—deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, serum application, mask, moisturizer, and sun protection. Yours customize skin treatment features before and after images with our phenomenal DermaCamera™, one of the best ways to help us plan a qualitative treatment plan to optimize your skin health.

Microcurrent - 90 Minutes

Microcurrent is simple yet astounding. As many of us would love nothing better than to look 10, 15, or even 20 years younger, going under the knife or holing up in a luxury medspa overseas is not feasible.

Microcurrent therapy makes looking years younger an attainable reality for every single one of us. Using a mild electrical current identical to the one that runs through every one of our bodies, your facial and scalp muscles are gently and gradually stimulated to shorten or lengthen as needed to re-contour your face. You have nothing to lose but years off of your face. We actually like to call it a time machine – make an appointment with looking years younger today.

Facial Contour Massage with Microcurrent - 90 Minutes

Simple and safe, yet cutting edge. This is the most advanced non-invasive anti-aging treatment you can receive today.

What you feel: luxurious, relaxing facial massage. Fall asleep, listen to your favorite music, or just daydream while we work.

What you will see: A dramatic increase in tone, the lift you've been chasing with creams and serums, a facelift without recovery time. Think of FCM as Jillian Michaels for your face, except you get to sleep through it.

Gentleman's Skin Restoration - 90 Minutes

Men are always welcome to experience skin rejuvenation at Skin Essence. Whether it be shaving-induced ingrown hairs, irritated, chapped skin from dehydration, or congestion, our expert skincare is formulated to achieve healthy skin for men with distinct concerns.

Skin Essence CLASSIC FACIAL ADD-ONS (make your classic incomparable).

Signature Dermal Lift - 90 Minutes

The ultimate non-surgical facelift! Vitality is restored by harnessing the power of active botanical infusion, LED, microcurrent technology, and our award-winning Peptide Sheet Mask.

*For best results, 6-10 treatments are recommended no more than 14 days apart. Results may vary.

Skin Rejuvenator - 90 Minutes

Rejuvenate tired, lackluster skin. High-level enzymes polish the skin's surface, and our award-winning Peptide Sheet Mask will leave your skin feeling instantly refreshed and plumped.

Even Glow Brightening Skin - 90 Minutes

Diminish pigmentation with gentle biological enzymes and both Ayurvedic and Australian herbal extracts that will smooth and soothe the skin.