Book a Session with Souvereign

On this page, you can select how you wish to navigate with me.
The sessions are 1-on-1 private sessions.
Paid Sessions are recorded and you receive the recording.
I look forward to navigate with you and offer you the support you need.

30 Minute Discovery Meeting

Book a meeting with me for 30 minutes! Let's discover how we can work together.

60 Minute Inner Journey Work

Book a syntropic meeting with me for 60 minutes!

As your spiritual confidant, this booking option is for challenges, questions or upheavals you are navigating. I will always be able to provide self empowering guidance and reflection to discover what wants to be fully healed, revealed or simply gain a proper syntropic understanding of.

Thank you for being willing to navigate with me. Answers await!

Syntropic Inner Healing Session

Book your Syntropic Embodiment session with me here (90-120 min )

This is booking is when you know you want resolve. You know in your cells that healing is required and you are willing to have me navigate with you into the internal landscape for retrieving, resolving and reintegration.

I will follow up in an email as soon as possible to confirm.

8-Week Syntropic Healing Coaching Program - The foundation Journey (8 sessions)