Petra Monaco

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The Rebels Den Interviews

I love sharing your story of following your dreams and focusing on your goals. In a world where we are told to follow the straight line of life which is incredibly boring, I am passionate about creating the life you want and making an impact while you’re it at so let everyone around you know that life can be what you want it to be. Pick the best time for you!

Initial Consultation

One 60-minute introductory zoom session to determine the area that would have the greatest impact on your life right now. Includes a personalized game plan that sets the stage for you to achieve what matters most.


2. What can we get done in a single day Can you imagine have a plan for 90 or 365 Days? To be really clear on your goals and how to achieve them? Schedule a VIP Day that includes a 6-hour private coaching + consulting experience with me and here's what will work on: Your mindset past, present, and future Your current belief systems and how they can impact you Creating a growth mindset for success Setting your goals with a plan that works for you A VIP Day with me is like weeks of coaching all rolled into the space of just one amazing day! ​