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Mutual Fund Kyu Sahi hai?

You must have seen recent media trends across print, digital, and social - all bombarding us with news of so many new mutual funds scheme launches. 

Every month new schemes are launched by AMCs to entice investors to invest in a theme or a sector or a large cap or small cap fund or something active or something passive. The list is endless. 

Do you know why?

Because mutual funds work if used the right way. 

The mutual fund industry is nearly 39 Trillion in size today with nearly 13.6cr folios and growing. Are you part of this growth story ? 

Why am I sharing all this industry background with an investor like you ? 

Because if you also are looking to invest some money from your salary or your business income to grow that money for fulfilling life goals like vacation, retirement, home, kids marriage etc. Then this is what I attempt to answer in my upcoming workshops diving deep into the world of mutual funds. 

But can mutual funds really help you to achieve those goals you just mentioned? 

A frank answer - YES. why not? 

I want to show you precisely, how a mutual fund portfolio is more than sufficient for you to live out your life without getting affected by what's trending in the market. Reduce your anxiety or "FOMO" and go live out your life the way you want.

Some FAQs

Q) But Kartik, should I not invest in direct stocks than mutual funds?

Equity mutual fund is pretty much equity - its just a wrapper for direct stocks. If you know how to shortlist multi-bagger stocks time and again, track them, understand the sector, understand the business cycle, understand annual reports, have the time to attend investor presentations, etc. By all means - go for direct stocks. Probably this workshop is not for you. You got it covered already. 

Q) Kartik, why should I listen to you?

It has been 20 years of trying out different investment styles - direct stocks, trading, playing themes and of course mutual funds. I can confidently say that mutual funds worked best for me and helped me quit my 9 to 5 and become a solopreneur doing what I love. I am just getting started spreading the message of mutual funds.

You also want to listen to me for insider insights in the mutual fund industry that media will not tell you. I have worked in a mutual fund ! 

I have been working with clients in managing their wealth so I know a thing or two about the products, what's good for what kind of people and how mutual funds play a vital role in the financial lives of people. 

Q) What can I expect from this workshop?

I will share how mutual funds works, which categories should you focus on, how to build a portfolio for the various goals and what mistakes to avoid. 

At the end of the one hour of this workshop you should be ready to jump in to your own financial journey and take charge with specific knowledge to achieve your goals. Plus ample time for Q&A 

And if interacting with others like you excites you - do come as I plan to make this workshop interactive as well. 

Q) Kartik, I am 35 and I don't know a thing about mutual funds, Do you suggest I attend this?
Of course, you must. This is not about age. Anyone desiring to improve their financial lives at a given phase in life must attend this workshop. I have experience of working with clients between ages 20 to 60 - so you can attend this. 

Q) Will you tell me which scheme to invest in 
If you are looking to become rich overnight through tips or trading - I don't know any of that. In that case I suggest you follow 'finfluencers'. I am not one of those. I like my peace and calm.

Q) Kartik, what's the cost of this workshop?
Its free to attend. 

Q) Are there any requirements to attend?
Yes two. Keep a pen and paper ready and a willingness to implement what you learn! That's it

See you in the workshop!

Kartik Sankaran
Founder Fiscal Fitness