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A live demo about Elmessenger Pro.


Do you have a FB Business page or Fan Page? Did you know that you can automate your fb business page messenger using plugins such as Chatmatic? This is a software that I personally use and for my clients to do many things they need in order to generate leads, automate a messaging workflow, great for quiz funnels, plus more!


15 minute course creation strategy call as part of Eliza Jennings Steeple's course creation group


We are an expert of something and those who are looking for you may be inside the group!! If you can talk about anything you are an expert of, this is the place where you can: 1) Get comfortable to get on camera and be live inside my group 2) Share your knowledge/zone of genius/expert in your field 3) Able to offer your freebie or tiny offer!!! What does it entail to be hosted for your Mini Course: You get admin access to stream live (we use Streamyard and we can connect zoom if that's what you prefer, or you can just simply go on FB Live option) We just need the topic of your mini course, who it is for, how it can help, your profile picture and bio. You can create event inside the group's event calendar and here is the shared template to create your banner to upload your graphics copy + paste this link --> Are you ready to show up to go UP??? Then you're ready to go! Need more guidance on how to get your mini-course? Here is the video to go along with it! copy and paste this into your browser.

30 Minute Funnel Creation

When it comes to funnel building, I love learning on how you'd like to take your customer/client in their journey. In this 30 minute funnel creation, I would love to hear your framework, what is on your value ladder and how you envision your course/program.

60 Minute Marketing Strategy

Book a meeting with me for 60 minutes! We will go over with the marketing strategies and how you can also implement the chrome extension tool to maximize your engagement, conversations without spending countless hours on facebook